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These stories were written in 1997.  I left them on my new pages because it was such good therapy for me to write them at the time. Much more has happened since these were written. I am still working through so many things and only recently realized I was still angry but discovered I was angry with God.
   I am now trying to work through that and this is why I have started the new look for my homepages. I still have a lot of anger and hope someday to forgive myself and God.
I will not be a hypocrite. I have not gone to church in years. I never really went even before I lost my daughters but did have some faith. I remember when I was troubled as a teenager going in the middle of the night to sit inside a church. I find I cannot do that anymore. Not only do they have to keep the doors locked on the churches, I start crying the minute I enter the doors.

                                                               June 20, 1999


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