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There once was a lady who lived in a zoo

She had so many dogs, she didn't know what to do.

One mini dachschund; Three little mutts;

                        Five Great Danes........She must be NUTS!!!!

Vital Statistics

"Dillinger" - (Pound Puppy)(Terrier Mix) - gave DOB: 11/2/88
"Angelique" - AKC Mini Dachshund - DOB: 12/27/88
"Sasha" - Keeshond Mix) - 1/20/1990 - 3/11/2002
"Al Capone" - (Pound Puppy)(Terrier Mix) - gave DOB: 12/1/92
"Elliott Ness" - AKC Great Dane - 1/10/94 - 8/23/2001
"K.C. Masterpiece" - AKC Great Dane - DOB: 7/20/94
"Honey DiJon" - AKC Great Dane - DOB: 9/27/94
"Sgt. Pepper" - AKC Great Dane - DOB: 6/8/96
"Big Brutus" - AKC Great Dane - DOB: 3/20/97
"Einstein" - AKC Great Dane - DOB: 8/26/2001
"Tyson" - (Stray Cat) - gave DOB: 9/20/89
"Bear" - (Adopted Cat) - 7/23/91 - 8/1/2000

Please, no more..I have a headache

Largest to smallest

These dogs are well trained to deal with any emergency.
One day when my husband Jim was away at  school,
a man who was to do some work on our house stopped by.
I went outside to talk to him and about 10 minutes later
my yard was full of cops and my mother!
My darlings had knocked the phone over and hit the
button we had on the memory for 911.
The Police Dispatcher got the call and heard only dogs
barking in the background. He sent the officers and
my mother has a police scanner, so she came also!
My husband was Chief of Police!

Trying to live that down has been difficult.

More pictures I thought you
might like as much as I did.

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